Hi Tabitha!

Please return to the assignment guidelines and follow them for your final draft. This is a very specific assignment that asks you to craft a two-paragraph reponse to the reading.

Your first paragraph will be a summary with a particular type of topic sentence detailing author, title, content and purpose; your second paragraph will be a personal reflection about what you read.

You don’t need a works cited, and your MLA formatting is fine. Understanding that should save you some time.


Miss K.

Title: Rice for Thanksgiving


Jocelyn Fong wrote an engaging piece that spoke about culture, and how it relates to her Asian side of the family, while spinning the story in the beginning to suggest it was more about rice and gravy at Thanksgiving. She discussed that she believed in rice and gravy because she is rice and gravy. In other words, she meant that she was part Asian and Anglo, and that her Asian side stood for rice and her Anglo side for gravy, an American tradition.


For this article, Ms. Fong carefully weaved into her story the role that culture plays in her diverse family. She discussed the role that culture plays in all of our lives, and that it is not an exotic or foreign thing, if your mother is of one culture and your dad is of another. That only means that you have two awesome cultures to celebrate. She drove the point home when she said that her Cantonese roots were wiped out because her grandmother came to America during a time when America was not so great, especially to immigrants.


Unfortunately, Fong’s grandmother did what she had to do to assimilate into America, evenif that meant losing her Cantonese heritage. Even though Ms. Fong’s grandmother is no longer alive, she paid homage to her culture by writing this article. She showed that culture is not only a way of life, but something that everyone has, that is passed down from one generation to the next.

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