EDUC 305

Biblical Worldview Paper Assignment Instructions


Everyone has a worldview yet not everyone has a biblical worldview. A biblical worldview helps you navigate through life generally but also in academic endeavors and professional life. Therefore, biblical worldview understanding assists you now and prepares you for future experience and calling including in a school setting.

By developing a Biblical Worldview Paper, you will be able to convey an understanding of what is meant by a biblical worldview. You will be able to support this understanding from the Bible and scholarly professional literature. You will be able to apply biblical worldview principles to educational practice. Finally, you will be able to articulate key components of a Christian philosophy of education applicable to a school setting.

Note: This assignment aligns with the mission of Liberty University (see LU’s Mission Statement and LU’s Doctrinal Statement ) and advances the specific mission of Liberty University’s School of Education (see SOE Conceptual Framework ).




The Biblical Worldview Paper you write has the following requirements:

· Write a 3-4-page paper that conveys what is meant by a biblical worldview and a Christian philosophy of education. Furthermore, you will discuss the implications of these principles in their application to educational practice.

· Page length requirements begin with the introductory paragraph and end with the conclusion; it includes neither the title page nor reference page in the page count however both a title and reference page should be included as part of the paper submission.

· In addition to the Bible, cite a minimum of four scholarly references that represent the body of literature supporting and explaining biblical worldview and Christian philosophy of education.

· Use few direct quotes in the paper; instead, do more summarizing and paraphrasing than quoting. Citations are required both for direct quotes and for summarized ideas drawn from references.


The format of the paper is to include the sections below with headings that follow current APA format. Following the Title Page:

· Introduction

Start with an introduction paragraph. The focus of the paragraph is to introduce the reader to the thesis statement which should be the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. Following this introduction, the remainder of the paper should support and illustrate the main point(s) of the thesis statement.

· Biblical Worldview

Based upon your readings of the Bible and literature on the topic of a biblical worldview, convey the foundational, major tenets of a worldview that is based distinctively on a perspective of life drawn from Judeo-Christian scriptures. Do not focus on the field of education in this section. A common error is for writers to neglect the discussion of a biblical worldview by focusing too much on the field of education, which is to be addressed in subsequent sections of the paper.

· Christian Philosophy of Education

Based upon your readings of the Bible and literature on the topic of Christian philosophy of education, convey a basic understanding of the elements of an educational philosophy that is based distinctively on a perspective drawn from Judeo-Christian scriptures. Address metaphysical and axiological issues. Metaphysical issues relate to questions of meaning and purpose. Axiological issues relate to questions of values. Minimize the discussion of practical application to the field of education in this section. A common error is for writers to neglect the discussion of a Christian philosophy of education by focusing too much on the implications for educational practice, which will be addressed in the subsequent section.

· Implications for Educational Practice

Discuss the implications of a biblical worldview and Christian philosophy for practical application to the overall field of education. Ensure that you discuss these implications for the field in general, but you may also proceed to specify implications for your particular area of interest. For example, if you are preparing to serve as a content area teacher, a special education teacher, an administrator, or a school counselor, you may—after addressing implications for the overall field of education—address implications for your area of service.

· Conclusion

An effective conclusion affirms the thesis statement and leaves the reader with a clear idea of how thoughts in the paper fit together to make a specific point. This section should only be one paragraph in length.

· References

All sources listed on the reference page should be only those cited in the paper. There should be a minimum of five sources listed (the Bible and four other scholarly sources).


Additional important information:


Plagiarized papers and even self-plagiarized papers will be rejected. Every paper will be evaluated for originality through Turnitin, which reports to the professor the degree to which your paper is suspected of plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism: use few direct quotes and make them short and ensure you cite them properly according to current APA; if an idea or fact is not your own, you must cite its source; when not directly quoting, summarize or analyze ideas in your own words and include a citation; and finally, the biblical worldview paper you write should be your own, first time work.


Your paper is to be free of errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Your writing style should display exceptional composition with all of the following elements: coherent, cohesive, effective sentence/paragraph structures, logical progression, and transitions. Ensure your writing format follows current APA conventions.


See the following resources which you might find helpful as you prepare to complete this assignment. Links to each resource are provided with this assignment.

· Christian Education: Foundation for the Future

· The Christian Philosophy of Education

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