Create a slide deck which represents a portfolio of analytics methods used of accounting, economics or finance. This task is to be done as an individual. 16 slides, total 30 marks.


Assessment Description

You will discuss below five analytics methods and a financial or accounting or economics application for each one.

· Association rule learning

· Classification tree analysis

· Genetic algorithms

· Machine learning

· Regression analysis

• Out of the five methods that you chose, investigate one in more detail.

• Reflect on the limitations of the methods and possible ethical, legal or privacy issues.


Please refer to the assessment marking guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.

Slide format should be as follows:

• Title, student name and ID [1 slide]

• Discuss any 4 analytics methods from above. Create one slide for each analytics method and one for its application in accounting or finance or economics. [8 slides, 16 marks]

• Discuss the remaining 1 Analytics method in detail and create three slides for the analytics method and one slide for its application in accounting or economics or finance [4 slides, 8 marks]

• Reflect and list the limitations of the 5 analytics methods [1 slides, 2 marks]

• Discuss in short sentences possible ethical, legal and privacy issues. Please refer to lecture slide week 11. [2 slides, 4 marks]