Assignment 1 OS vs NOS

Research to provide the information needed for you to identify and explain five major networking differences between Windows Server and any of the Linux editions and releases. Rank your items according to their importance, as you see it. Include citations for the sources of your information.


Topologies Assignment 2

Answer the following questions for each of the types of basic network topology: Bus, Ring, Star, and Mesh.

1. Describe the topology?

2. What is the most common use of this topology?

3. How are the network nodes connected in this topology?

4. What are the disadvantages of this topology?

5. Sketch a diagram of a simple network arranged in this topology.


Assignment 3

Research to find two examples of how each of the components of the CIA Triad is implemented for an organization, such as a business, non-profit, or trade association. For each example, identify the threat being addressed, the potential harm, and its benefit to the organization.

Assignment 4

In a 1-2 page double-spaced paper, (APA format) you are to critique the following scenario by answering the five questions that follow. There are five questions to answer

Ethical Dilemma: Can I Keep This Child

Amanda has been caring for four-year-old Jamie for the past six months. While Jamie is a great addition to her classroom, but when things don’t go his way, he gets really angry. He throws things and can be destructive. It’s getting to the point that Amanda feels she is ignoring the other children while trying to handle Jamie. Amanda has been trying to be consistent in her discipline of Jamie, but she’s starting to wonder if she should ask his parents to find another place for him. What should Amanda do?

Question #1

In your own words, identify what you think is the main concern, issue, or problem in this situation.


Question #2

To whom do you have responsibilities? Whom and what do you have to consider in making a decision?

Question #3

What guidance can you find in this section of the Code of Ethics? What specific items in the code are helpful in guiding your decision?

Question #4

What do you think an early childhood educator should do to best resolve this situation?

Question #5

What action(s) would you take in resolving this situation?

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