1. Read “Paper 2 Guidelines & Requirements — Writing in the Humanities” below

It is very important to move through the entire presentation about this paper. Here you will learn writing purpose, thesis thrust, paragraph contents and construction strategies, word count and research requirements, etc. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

2. Review the “Example: Writing in the Humanities Essay” attached

3. View this video to learn about art terminology: https://youtu.be/-9I5CgCYkiA


4. Read about locating, evaluating, and using research



4. Download the “Template-Paper 2 Plan”; complete and submit the “Template-Paper 2 Plan” – GRADED

Document attached


NEXT …… after completing paper plan document essay must be completed be sure to

a. Summarizing from another author

b. Paraphrasing words from another author/source

c. Quoting words from another author/source

d. Creating MLA in-text citations

e. MLA formatting Purdue Vidcast

For this essay, the length should be between 500 and 700 words.

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