1. Per the textbook, the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) has outlined core programs that should be a part of a Career Services Department: 1) Career Advising; 2) Counseling, and Education; 3) Information resources on Careers and Further Study; 4) Opportunities for Career Exploration through Experiential Education; 5) Job Search Services; 6)Graduate and Professional School or Further Education Planning; 7) employer Relations and Recruitment Services; and 8)Consultation Services to Faculty and Administrators.

Question: How would you rank these, in order, to best fit generation z on a college campus?  Please provide 1 recent article (2014-Present) to help support your answer.


2. Does counseling services specifically enhance the academic enterprise on college campuses? How does higher education combat the ever-growing population of students entering college with mental health needs along with a growing problem of liability?  In your opinion, will there come a time when counseling services is no longer sustainable in higher education?   Please provide one recent article (2014-Present) to provide support for you.


3. Watch this short video on Gen Z and the workplace:

Gen Z and Careers (Links to an external site.) Shape, arrow  Description automatically generated

4. Gen Z, unlike other generations before them, seeks opportunities to create jobs and careers that have yet to be imagined.  They are career focused with an entrepreneurial spirit.  If you were named the Director of Career Services at private, medium-sized (5,000 students), residential campus, what are some specific initiatives that you would create in year one, that would propel this entrepreneurial spirit of your students?

5. Background:

You were currently appointed Dean of Students at a small private liberal arts college.  The counseling center currently is staffed at 1 case manager, a director (fully licensed counselor) and a part-time fully licensed counselor.  The enrollment at your school has been declining over the last 5 years and due to a decrease in budgetary funds, no new positions have been approved in 2 years.  The number of students seen by the counseling center has doubled in 3 years.

Please read the following article:

Growing Need (Links to an external site.)


The article specifically mentions: “It will be critical for colleges to address Gen Z’s mental health needs head-on and from the start of their time on campus. One-fourth of Gen Zers say they don’t do enough to manage their stress, and nearly three-quarters (73%) indicate they could have benefited from more emotional support in the last 12 months, according to the APA”.  How would you as the dean of students navigate this with your counseling center? What traditional services could you use in creating a more comprehensive holistic student wellness plan?


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