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1 2 3 TO: Students, BUS 355, Business of IT: Legal Regulatory Business Environment [Hybrid] 4 5 FROM: Frank Hatstat, JD, MBA 6 Senior Associate Professor and Faculty, IBIT 7 Business Management Program 8 Marketing Management Program 9 Business Transfer Program 10 11 DATE: May 6, 2022 12 13 REF: Current Law/Business/IT Topic Memo Assignment 14 15 This is the “Assignment Memo” for the Current Law/Business/IT Topic Assignment which is outlined in the 16 syllabus as a required part of the course. It is our chance to bring current topics involving law, business, 17 and IT into our classroom. 18 19 Current Law/Business/IT Topic 20 21 The Current Law/Business/IT Topic (CLBIT) assignment is made up of two parts. The first will be a two-22 page (2.0 pages) memorandum summarizing a law/business/IT item of interest from a business or 23 professional periodical which is relevant to the study of law, business, and IT, and your thoughts on the 24 issues and concepts presented. The second will be a simulated oral presentation where you share your 25 learning with the class. 26 27 Your memo should address how it relates to the focus of our studies in our class. It must involve more 28 than just technology, but how technology or issues in the tech industry relate to business and law. Topics 29 can be selected from a wide range of sources. The article must be cited in the memo using APA format. 30 Additionally, a link to you selected article must be included in your memo along with the full APA citation 31 so that I can locate it and read it. You should use a memo format such as this one or one similar to it. 32 33 As the second part of this assignment, you will make a 3-5 minute simulated presentation to your 34 classmates which will include a short (approximately 5 slides) PowerPoint (PPT) presentation suitable for 35 a workgroup which communicates the ideas you discuss in your memo. Thus, your classmates will learn 36 from your work. If you are unfamiliar with PowerPoint, numerous resources are available. Your 37 classmates and I can also serve as a technical resource. Since this presentation is simulated it will be 38 accomplished one of two ways. You can either use the recording feature of PowerPoint or create a 39 YouTube video where you make your presentation and post the link along with your memo. These will be 40 posted on the course site for all to view. 41 42 The topic for your memo can center on topics we have discussed in class or will discuss in class, or 43 law/business/IT topic or issue that is of particular interest to you as described above. You must select an 44 article from a credible source. I offer the following as an abbreviated list of possible periodicals as 45 sources for articles. Many of these and other sources have online resources or are available online. 46 There are a number of resources available through ProQuest and/or EBSCOHost which are available to 47 you as students through the Bellevue College Library and website. The article selected must be at least 48 1000 words in length to be substantive enough for you to meet the goals of this assignment and be 49



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successful. I would suggest you take advantage of our Library Media Center (LMC) resources at 50 Bellevue College and the Writing Lab in this course and others you will take at Bellevue College. 51 52

The Wall Street Journal USAToday The Puget Sound Business Journal The Seattle Times Harvard Business Review Journal of Business Ethics Business Week Newsweek

Women in Business Journal of Asia-Pacific Business

Black Enterprise Fast Company

Journal of Global Marketing Engineering Management Journal


53 54 Guide for the Memo 55 56 Your memo should be two pages (2.0 single spaced) in length not including headers, footers or citations. 57 Less than this would probably not include enough specifics and substance to meet the goals of the 58 assignment and allow you to be successful. In a similar but reciprocal way a memo which is much longer 59 than two pages in length is not necessary and may not be focused enough to be successful. 60 61 Your memo should briefly summarize the article. I would suggest that no more than ½ page minimum or 62 ¼ of the total length of the memo be used for this purpose. 63 64 Follow your summary with an analysis of the article and how it applies to the study of law, business and 65 management, and IT. I would suggest approximately one (1) page minimum or ½ of the memo be used 66 for this purpose. 67 68 The remaining space or about ½ of a page minimum or ¼ of the total length of the memo should be used 69 to convey your reflection on the article, i.e., specify your conclusions, opinions based on your analysis, 70 and how the knowledge you gained relates to your understanding of technology issues in the legal and 71 business environment and how it can be applied. 72 73 It will be helpful for you as a writer to use section headers to help you focus your writing and analysis. 74 This also has the benefit of conveying your focus to the reader. 75 76 Please insure you have cited the article correctly within your memo. Your memo should be single 77 spaced. Within your memo and in your presentation, comment on your opinion of the validity of your 78 source and why. 79 80 I have attached a copy of the evaluation sheet I will use for this assignment for your guidance. I will 81 create a rubric on Canvas that reflects this evaluation sheet. 82 83 Assignment Expectations 84 85 Please submit your work in the following format and order via the course Canvas site. Email submissions 86 will not be accepted. 87 88 1. Your memo submitted via the course Canvas site as a Word file and your PowerPoint submitted 89 via the course Canvas site as a PPT file. (Make sure you attach both files!) 90

1.1 Name your memo file: last name, first name, CLBIT, Memo; and 91 1.2 Name your PPT file: last name, first name, CLBIT, PowerPoint 92 93

2. As specified above insure you Include a link to the article in your memo and also cite it using APA 94 format. 95



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96 This assignment is due on or before June 12, 2022, at 11:59PM, Pacific Time. 97 98 Timely work is a professional standard because the work of others often depends on our work. Thus, late 99 penalties will also apply if memo is not submitted on time, or the assignment as submitted is incomplete. 100 In all cases, this assignment must be completed by and will not be accepted more than 4 days late as 101 noted on the syllabus. A 10% deduction will be applied for each day or portion of a day that the work is 102 submitted late. 103 104 Your work will be shared with other students as an attempt to approximate a presentation and to afford 105 them the opportunity to learn from you work. 106 107 Please contact me if you have further questions. 108 109 110




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Current Law/Business/IT Topic Evaluation, BUS 355 112 Name: Date: 113 114 Topic: 115 116

Evaluation Criteria1 Points Eval 117 118 Suitable Topic: 20 119

▪ Topic relevant to law, business, and IT and the course 120 ▪ Credible source 121 ▪ Other 122

123 124 Guideline Length 10 125

▪ Writing clear and complete 126 ▪ Other 127

128 129 Article Summarized, memo structured 15 130

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