Question/ Scenario:

You work in Human Resources for Deloitte, focusing on the company’s internship program. While your program attracts many talented UCR students, you are having trouble recruiting them for full-time positions at Deloitte after they graduate. Propose a way to enhance your retention strategies to make them appeal more to UCR students.

Answer the following : Explained in detail who is immediately impacted by the problem and why this particular group are the ones impacted?

● Explained in detail what precisely is causing the problem? ● Explained what the first order (i.e., most immediate) effects of the problem

are? (Think in terms of who is directly impacted) ● Explained in detail what precisely is frustrating, inconvenient, inefficient,

or unfair about the situation? ● Explained what the second order (i.e., longer-term/bigger picture) effects

of this problematic situation are? (What are the ripple effects of this problem? How does it lead to bigger problems, both among those directly impacted and among those not directly impacted?)

● Made clear how these first and second order effects interfere with the company’s own goals? (I.e., why is this problem bad for the company itself? Why should management care enough to address it?)

● Used a professional but persuasive tone?

Peer Review: Reflection

Please take a few minutes to review the feedback from your partner.

1.What were the 3 biggest things your partner indicated you should work on?

2.What specific/concrete changes can you make between now and the project deadline to improve your problem analysis?

3.Was there anything you noticed in reviewing your partner’s problem analysis which you think you should work on improving as well? (Can you apply any of the feedback you gave your partner to your own work?)

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