Assignment 1

Welcome to  Assignment 1.  To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to do substantial research, reading, and study of the topics. In addition to the assigned readings found in the lesson area, you must conduct your own research using the university databases and other appropriate sources. Sources used should be peer-reviewed and published no more than six years ago.


The Assignment


Research & Writing

Design a research proposal to be implemented in a work environment. Begin to collect data.

Brainstorming Time. Use the 2 activities below to brainstorm research topic ideas.*

Trading Cards (objective is to get to know yourself)

· Complete the Activity:  Trading Cards

· Begin to think about whether your research could revolve around something you have experienced.

Draw Toast (objective is to think visually)

· Complete the activity:  Draw Toast

· Here’s a helpful resources

*please keep in mind that your professor may come up with an even more impressive brainstorming activity instead of one of these.

Why Research? Think about and discuss why research is necessary.* 

*if you are in an online course, this may be done in a reflective journal or with a group of friends. The purpose is to begin to think about the importance research plays in our work and lives.

The Writing Process

From the business-related topics that your researched in Lesson 1, design a Word or Excel table and describe briefly each of the three topics that you identified in Lesson 1. ( )

Note the following for EACH topic:

1.      What types of data you need to collect?

2.      When should the data be collected e.g. a one-time collection, quarterly, or yearly?

3.      How data might be collected (this can be refined as you move forward)

4.      From whom data will be collected

5.      Why the data is to be collected.

Possible Research Topics:
Why is Big Data Important in HealthcareHow Big Data is Transforming Hospitality Reducing Risk in Oil and Gas Operations




· Example: Matrix made in Excel:

Data Collection for: (name of company)    
What types of data to be collected When data is to be collected (indicate whether it is a one time   collection, quarterly, or yearly) How data might be collected (this can be refined as you move   forward)  From whom data will be   collected Why the data is to be collected.


Next, narrow your focus to ONE topic.  Write a detailed overview of this topic explaining why you chose it, why it is important to you, why you want to do something about it, etc.

Use the guiding questions below to help you brainstorm why the topic interests you:


· Why is the topic interesting to you?

· Is this a problem that you have encountered before and tried to “fix”? If so, what worked and what did not?

· Do you see this as a common issue?

· Is this a problem that you can solve? Do you think you have the skills to solve the problem?

· Are there people to whom you can turn for advice?

· What would it mean to you to solve the problem?



Submit both your Word or Excel table and your Word document. The first deliverable should be your table describing the three topics that you identified, and the second should be your detailed overview of your chosen topic. Each submission should be between 2-3 pages in length and include evidence of wider reading.


Remember: All writing must be supported by academic (scholarly sourced) literature and will appear in APA format including proper in-text citations and references at the end. You must clearly cite each sentence that contains materials sourced from the lesson area and your academic resources. Your work will be checked for academic integrity by a plagiarism checking system. For a great breakdown of academic literature, please visit

All submitted file names should adhere to the following naming convention: LastName – EBMxxx – Assignment #. For example, Smith – EBM502 – Assignment 1

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