The Pacific Northwest: Collaborative Exhibition / Due 6.3 @ 9AM


4 个未读答复。 4

4 个答复。 1. Explore the following online resources

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2. northwest-coast


4. Kwakiutl Masks, Milwaukee Art Museum 2. Select one object based on your interests.  3. Post an image and label / caption details (artist name, tribal

affiliation, title, date, medium, dimensions, collection or courtesy line) to the weekly discussion page on Canvas. (Watch 第 1 周的待办事项 (链接到外部⽹网站。)
  for Instructions)

4. Conduct research (Watch 第 1 周的待办事项 (链接到外部⽹网 站。)
  for suggestions)

5. Write five bullet points of 2-3 sentences each about that object or artist’s practice. Consider:

• Artist: biography or their intention in making the object



• Tribal Affiliation: the object’s cultural significance and / or function within its culture

• Title: An analysis of how its title helps unfold its meaning • Date: The context in which it was made  • Medium: The materials and processes used to make the

piece • Dimensions: qualities of scale and what its effects upon a

viewer are • Collection: How did it enter into a museum? What was the

artist’s experience dealing with the artworld? • Form: Details about its formal properties (including

description and visual analysis) • Reception: How did critics write about it? What was the

audience’s response to it in its moment? How has that response changed?

• Add footnotes in 以Chicago Manual of Style (链接到外部⽹网 站。) format (Double check if you use Citation Machine (链接到外部⽹网 站。)

• Upload your bullet points under your image and caption/ label info on the Canvas page.

• View the collaborative exhibition and read your colleague’s posts.

• Ask and answer questions





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