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****** Respond to two of your classmates’ examples that resonate personally with you. Did you experience something similar? Or did you experience something quite the opposite in your own experiences? For instance, if your classmate has an example of a person who was honest (but tactful), can you think of an experience where someone was either untruthful or brutally honest? How could that situation have been changed using the examples provided in Chapter 11?



Reply #1: When I was still active duty in the Air Force, I was stationed with a small unit on a Navy base in Greece for a few years. We had our own building and equipment that were taken care of by us, and we often had to collaborate with Navy personnel from different agencies to ensure we were doing things the way the Navy required in areas such as physical security, building maintenance and vehicle maintenance.

Of all the agencies I had interactions with, the physical security department was always the most professional. Their Chief was always dressed to impress (polished) and when he walked into a room, you could tell the people in there respected him and looked up to him. He was always super helpful to myself since I was the security manager for the Air Force and needed his assistance in making sure our building was up to Navy standards. He could get along with anyone and was always a bright spot for most of the people who encountered him. This Chief exhibited all of the six dimensions of professional behavior.


Reply #2: In my work setting especially working from home, “soft skills” are necessary in our line of communication and even due to our communication not being your average face to face conversations. “A CareerBuilder survey revealed that the top three most desirable soft skills in job candidates were a strong work ethic, dependability, and a positive attitude.” (Guffey, M. E., & Loewy, D. p. 328) In this era, most recruiters are looking for majority of candidates that can bring skills to the table that are open-minded and willing to work. Appearance, reliability, and honesty are major assets when you are dependable and nicely groomed it sets you apart from others and speaks volume and shows strong professional behavior. I have worked with quite a few coworkers that communicated clearly that they were professional, always well dressed, on time and dependable.

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