Persuasive Speech Assignment Sheet

Speech Time Limit

Sources Outline Notes Visual Aid Total Pts

Persuasive 6 min At least 6 Required 3-3×5 cards

Optional 200

*The best way to start this speech is by choosing a topic you feel passionate about! Create a list of 10 – 15 “things that make you upset”. From that list, figure out which item is a problem with some universal appeal. If you can research it and offer practical solutions, you have FOUND a topic that works for this speech! WARNING – try to avoid overdone topics!

In this speech, you will most likely identify a problem, relate its significance to the audience, explain what the causes of the problem are, and suggest possible solutions to the problem. Sales-type presentations and group presentations are not allowable for meeting this requirement. You must use an appropriate persuasive pattern of organization such as Problem-Cause-Solution, Cause, Effect, Solution, or Three Reasons. You should emphasize appropriate and credible motivational, emotional and logical appeals. Close attention should be paid to the use of supporting materials, organization, analysis, word usage and delivery. As you work to create your solution, remember the steps you followed for determining the causes of the problem and make sure that your solution steps remedy those causes. Again, as one of the two major speech assignments in the course, rigor and critical thinking are essential for this assignment.

How to Claim Your Persuasive Speech Topic;

Claim your topic by posting a outline draft with an MLA works cited page included below by no later than 11:59PM Sunday 5/29

*Please note, no topics may be repeated for this speech.

Therefore, you must do your best to make sure the topic you’ve selected is unique from the rest of your classmates. Topics will be considered “claimed” once someone has posted their outline draft WITH the works cited page attached – *first come, first to claim.



How to Create Your Works Cited Page (6 sources required – minimum).

An MLA works cited page is required for any speech outline that utilizes credible/formal research. Conduct research on your selected persuasive topic using the search engine and use *a minimum of 6 credible sources to complete the outline draft of your persuasive speech. You may also choose to use other web-based search engines as well as news paper articles/textbooks to conduct your persuasive speech research. Please see my tips below regarding research.

**Tip – the page offers full MLA formatted source citations for each source posted in the database. You may simply copy each citation from the library database (*for each source you use) and and paste the citation into your outline draft document. For creating citations from sources found OUTSIDE the library data base (*such as textbooks and other web sources) please use a credible MLA style guide from the internet OR a citation generator (such as; then include that citation in your outline draft’s works cited page.

Post your persuasive outline draft with your MLA works cited page included (*see my example for guidance).

*Please follow the attached example for guidance on creating both the outline draft and your (MLA) works cited page.

Conduct Research/Create a Works Cited/Bibliography Page (*6 sources minimum)

Using the database, as well as regular web search engines (*google/google scholar, etc.) search for credible/non-biased/fact-based sources pertaining to your topic to help build you informative speech. You will need to verbally cite the research in your speech and list each source used in your works cited page (please follow my example and use proper MLA formatting with for the works cited page).

*Tips on research – approach this topic as if your classmates have NEVER heard of it before. Use credible sources to develop a fact-based persuasive speech that does not rely on heavy bias/fallacies. Remember – the main goal of this speech is to utilize credible and factual evidence to persuade/convince your audience to adopt your call to action (*i.e. using credible research to persuade your audience to believe your rhetoric and agree with your topic).



*For trouble with format of your works cited page – try a free citation generator website such as;

(Links to an external site.)


(Links to an external site.)

*Please note – you should always double check the generated works cited page to make sure your citations were included correctly.

Persuasive Topic Claim – Outline/Works Cited Summary

● Use a minimum of 6 credible sources in your outline/works cited page – Use search engines and campus library database to conduct your research

● Include all 6 sources in your outline (*verbal citations) and make sure to list the full MLA citation for those 6 sources in your works cited page.

● *Review my persuasive outline example AS WELL AS the attached “Informative/Persuasive comparison” sheet for further guidance

● Post your outline/works cited page below (*see due date)

Submit your outline draft (*with the works cited page included at the end of your speech content – see me example if you are unclear.) by no later than 11:59PM Sunday 5/29.

Please read the following

comparison for your convenience (*make sure your Persuasive outline, utilizes credible research and FACT-BASED persuasive rhetoric. Follow this guide to help you keep your speech persuasive).

(*repost) Comparing Informative to Persuasive Speaking



Informative/Persuasive Similarities – *Speaker Credibility – how do we establish that?

● Credible research ● Use of expert peer reviewed data ● Vocal clarity – *Tone, rate, volume, pitch, etc. ● Nonverbal control; eye contact and gestures are effective but do not

distract ● Practice and preparation

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