In this activity, you will be required to sign up for a 10-minute Zoom session with the instructor to demonstrate your understanding of the Article Review module. This activity will account for 5% of the total course grade.

In the individual Zoom meeting, I will be asking you some of the questions out of those listed on this page. Please make sure you understand the questions and prepare your answers accordingly prior to your presentation. Since this is an INTERVIEW, I may ask you follow-up questions to your answers that are not listed.


1) What is the main argument of your scholarly article and how is the argument proven? Provide a simple outline of the paper.

2) Provide some examples of the TYPES of evidence used in the scholarly article. Are they effective in proving the thesis? Why or why not?

3) Explain the effectiveness of one of the MEOW criteria you are using for your thesis statement/body paragraph. Can you point out an example from the scholarly article to demonstrate your reasoning behind your answer?

4)  What is your thesis statement? If your overall evaluation is positive, how did you come up with the negative evaluation of the MEOW criterion? If your overall evaluation is negative, how did you come up with the positive evaluation of the MEOW criterion?

5) Are you happy with the support you have been receiving for the assignment from your learning coach and your instructor? If you need more support for the paper, what kind of support would you like?

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