Case Conceptualization

Identify the client of focus by providing information (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity, grade level, etc.) as well are background and family history (e.g., living arrangements, family situation, religious affiliations, cultural influences, etc.).

Presenting Problem

Describe the presenting problem and the mental health concern (i.e., diagnosis) you will address in your work with the identified client or student. Be sure to provide the symptoms and behaviors that the client is exhibiting and how this brings the client to counseling. How are the problematic behaviors related to the diagnosis?

Counseling Intervention

Name the counseling intervention(s) that you will investigate for use with this client. Provide some basic information about the intervention you would like to use with your client and explain why you think it is appropriate.

Research question

Research questions follow a specific formula. Here is an example of a research question: Is art therapy effective to improve communication in elderly people with dementia?

Do not include more than 1 intervention or more than 1 diagnosis~

The format is as follows: Is (name of intervention) effective for treating (name the population or category of your client) diagnosed with (mental health issue)? Include your research question in this section.



Cite all resources and use proper APA format.

Magic, M. (2017). Fascinating course resource that helps transform my opinions into scholarly content. Journal for Brilliant Graduate Students, 98(12), 56–66.

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