Effect of Micronutrients on

Exercise/Physical Activity/Recovery Assignment

Guidelines for your Journal Article Summary


Below are guidelines for selecting your Journal Article and writing the summary:


1. Find 1 (one) original, peer-reviewed journal article that relates to the topic/question. Here are some guidelines to decide if an article meets the requirement:

A. Published in a common refereed (peer-reviewed) journal. Here are some examples:

· Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

· Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

· Journal of Physical Activity and Health

· Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

· Journal of Applied Physiology

· Journal of Physiology

B. The study must have a set number of participants with descriptions included in the study and NOT a review article!

C. At a minimum, the article must have an Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections.

D. Articles from newspapers, health magazines, and the internet are NOT typically acceptable.


2. For each article, a type-written response (in your own words) to the following is required:

A. Describe the research question and why the question is important.

B. Describe the methodological approach. Basically, describe how the researchers executed the study. Include a description of the population(s).

C. Discuss the findings of the research and any practical applications.

D. Discuss the strengths and limitations of the research.


3. Students must include the entire journal article with the assignment. Simply providing the abstract or a link is NOT acceptable.

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