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Mental Health Assignment from Chapters 11-14




1. Carlos is a 6-year-old boy in first grade diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), combined type.


1. Describe behaviors he might be exhibiting at home and in the classroom. Identify specific behavioral examples of his (1) inattention, (2) hyperactivity, and (3) impulsivity and the correlated neurotransmitter involved.

2. Develop a nursing care plan with two priority nursing diagnoses.




2. Andrea, 24, diagnosed with schizophrenia, was hospitalized after accusing colleagues of trying to poison her. She is being discharged to her mother’s care. Andrea’s mother is overwhelmed and asks how she is going to cope: “I can hardly talk to Andrea without upsetting her. She is still mad at me because I had her admitted. She says there is nothing wrong with her, and I’m worried she’ll stop her medication once she is home. What am I going to do?”


1. Explain Andrea’s behavior and symptoms as you would to Andrea’s mother.

2. How would you respond to the mother’s immediate concerns?

3. What priority concerns should the nurse address before Andrea’s discharge?







3. Donald has a history of bipolar disorder and has been taking lithium for 4 months. During his clinic visit, he tells you that he does not think he will be taking his lithium anymore because he feels great and is able to function well at his job and at home with his family. He tells you his wife agrees that he “has this thing licked.”


1. What are Donald’s needs in terms of teaching?

2. What are the needs of the family?



4. You are working with Ms. Folk, a 28-year-old with major depression on long-term antidepressant therapy. She asks you about the possibility of pregnancy while taking her SSRIs.


1. What are some of the things Ms. Folk might want to consider about taking antidepressants if she plans to get pregnant?

2. If she decides to stop taking her antidepressants, what are some things she might do to help manage her depression?



5. Complete medication drug cards for the following:

1. Lithium

2. Cymbalta

3. Celexa

4. Thorazine

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