Wk 2 Team – The Supervision Relationship

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In some cases, the supervision relationship can make or break the clinical supervision experience. It is important to understand the guidelines for this relationship in order to establish clear expectations between the supervisor and supervisee. This assignment will bring about awareness of these guidelines and allow you to form proper supervision expectations.


Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to explain the relationship between the supervisor and supervisee. Only create for the highlighted section.


Include the following:

· Describe legal and ethical guidelines for the supervision relationship.

· Describe the factors that contribute to the supervision relationship.

· Describe situations or circumstances that can affect the supervision relationship, whether positively or negatively.

· Outline appropriate expectations of the supervisor and supervisee in the supervision relationship.

· Conclude with a brief 5-minute role-play of a positive supervision relationship.*


Include a minimum of 2 sources.

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