Week 1 Topic


Please explain a concept you learned during this week and then respond to two other people’s posts regarding what they learned.


Discussion Board Grading Schema:


· Every post must be AT LEAST 5-6 complete sentences that pertain to the week’s reading assignment if you want full credit.

· Every post must pose a question to the class for engagement and full credit.

· You must respond to at least (2) other students every week for full credit.

· Responses to students must be at least 2-3 complete sentences- Responding “I agree” or any derivation of this does not count.

What is a complete sentence?

A complete sentence must have, at minimum, three things: a subject, verb, and an object

What is a good example?

I learned that the purpose of a cell is to provide all of the life sustaining actions necessary of a organ system. Although the cell is the fundamental unit of life, it, along with millions of other cells, comprise the organ. In a cell there are many smaller compartments, or organelles, that perform vital functions like energy production, waste disposal, packaging proteins, making proteins, and also housing of the genetic blueprint-DNA. Without cells we would not be able to grow and make the necessary products for daily functioning.

What would happen if the cell was unchecked it growth?


What is a good response?

The cell is a great machine! The ability for a microscopic structure like the cell to be able to all of the things it does is truly amazing! Answering your question, this is called cancer. If the cell does not stop growth, and is able to bypass its cellular checkpoints, then the cell will continue to divide and cause a tumor or a cancer to develop in the body.



Week 1 Lecture and Notes


https://youtu.be/vOtig7Wn3NU (Links to an external site.) Shape, arrow  Description automatically generated




I have learned this week that Natural selection was more in depth then I realized. For instance, I wasn’t aware that it can occur as a reaction to overproduction of offspring. As well as the process it takes for it to take place. What I mean by process is how the population starts with a varied number of inherited traits. Which then Eliminates individuals with certain traits and reproduce with the survivors. Which in return increases the frequency of the traits that enhance survival and reproductive success. What is an example of this that you have seen in normal day to day life?



One thing I have learned so far is more in depth information about how life depends on the flow of information (1.11). I have learned about the different parts of DNA such as strands, double helixes, and nucleotides. I have also learned how the process of cell division results in the trillions of cells humans have throughout the body. The process of transcription was also something I learned a lot about as well as how signaling information uses stimuli to influence the behavior of cells. These different processes are essential for all human life and humans would not be the same without all of them working together. What is something that is interesting to you about the DNA?

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