Unit 5 Assignment: Informative Speech Outline

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In this assignment, you will create an outline for your informative speech to be delivered in Unit 7.

You have two options to complete this assignment: You may submit your research in an outline form in a Word document according to the template in the attached instructions, or you may use the PowerPoint template to submit your research.

Refer to the attached document for complete details and grading rubric.

Unit 5 Discussion: Digital Marketing Tactics
Unit 5 Discussion: Digital Marketing Tactics

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Hello Everyone

Mom and pop clothing stores have little or no online presence and due to Covid- 19 pandemic, it is obvious that it is a slow business. Many businesses lost so much because of the pandemic but the mom and pop store reach out for Samantha’s help. Samantha’s top three strategies that she offers mom and pop.

· Her concern is enough to help them

· Her expertise

· Her time

Samantha was recently hired as sales team leader for Google Analytics, so in my opinion, she would have to know her skills work in order to be hired by Google. The regional vice president asks Samantha to look at a target sales quota in the current quarter. Samantha was qualified for the job that mom and pop when being asked for her assistance. Direct and digital marking is the fastest-growing form of marketing. “And as direct marketing continues to shift toward digital direct marketing is claiming a surging share of marketing spending and sales.”

Samantha would incorporate search engine optimization into her suggestions to the mom & pop store. “While searching the Web the information has to be reliable knowing that Google is not the only website but that they are many that are reliable and the sources are relevant.”

· Traffic from SEO is free

· Traffic from SEO is consistent

· Traffic from SEO reaches the masses’ audience

Principles of Marketing ( 18the ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson, Inc.


Hello Classmates and Professor,

Samantha can offer Mop and Pop Clothing Store, some tips on how to reach out to seniors across social media, including Pinterest. If they are planning their own marketing strategy, looking for effective channels for chats, Pinterest is right up there with TikTok and Snapchat.

According to ‘Adults Media Use and Attitudes Report’:

of 55-64s…….55% use a smartphone.

77% use the internet at home.

58% correctly identify advertising on Google.

59% have a social media profile.

This tells us as marketers, is that there is direct access to older audience through mobile, SMS, and smartphone marketing. Seniors can be targeted through YouTube videos, and YouTube can be excellent methods to reach older audiences. Through videos, brands can build faster with older audiences.

I chose to focus on the older audience because when you hear a name like, MOM and POP, whom does that remind us of?




Chapter 5


Top of Form

Samantha should first recamend designing a top notch website to showcase the the clothes the mom & pop clothing store has to offer. Then based on the fashion of the clothes they have to offer Samantha should list the webpage on search engines using search engine optimization to target cutomers looking for the types of fashion the mom & pop store has to offer. When using the search engines she has choosen Samantha should link to as many sites of similiar interest in fashion as well as use social media advertising to appeal to people who are looking for the types of clothes the mom & pop store carries.

Darren A.

Referances ; Youtube Video ; Digital Marketing In 5 Minutes

Youtube Video : What Is SEO And How Does It Work

Bottom of Form


· What are the top three strategies Samantha might offer the mom & pop clothing store, relative to adopting a digital marketing campaign?

Samantha should start by talking to the store owners about making a web page advertising their store and products. She might want to recommend that the store owners’ online marketing. With this the Mom & Pop store can take pictures of their products and store to showcase what kind of products their selling & to offer promotions.

Samantha should also introduce them to social media to help promote their business.

Lastly she should talk to them about online advertising to boost online business and sells

· How should Samantha incorporate SEO into her suggestions to the mom & pop store?

Samantha incorporate the SEO into her presentation to the owners by suggesting that the mom & pop store owners produce relevant content by concentrating on creating useful content about the store. Then try to make navigation easy,by using images of products and video inviting new potential customers to the store. This is a start and business should improve overtime with online sales.


Unit 5 Assignment: Integrated Marketing Presentation

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· File MKT200 Unit 5 Assignment.pdf MKT200 Unit 5 Assignment.pdf – Alternative Formats (199.661 KB)

The Board of Directors (BoD) at Post University has asked you to create a marketing campaign for the university. There are 2 parts to this project:

1. Collect Data/Information:


. In order to make the best decisions and maximize their appeal to their target audience(s), the BoD needs to collect specific demographic data/information regarding the characteristics of their target market(s).

1. Create a slide presentation:


. Your slides will help the marketing and admissions teams at Post determine how best to promote Post University brand and continue to grow the university.

See the attached document for complete instructions and grading rubric

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