Topic 5 – Press Release Template

Complete this template in order to help you gather the content that you need, based on a common and general press release format (the inverted pyramid style). When you create your press release, it will be approximately 300 words. Your press release draft will be due in Topic 7.

Headline: Most important news or take away

Sub-Head: Second most important news

First Paragraph Content:







Second Paragraph Content:

Who will be speaking on the company’s or campaign’s behalf?

What is there involvement?

Draft a QUOTE from this person.

Third Paragraph Content:

Is there additional or supporting content that you would like to add?

Fourth Paragraph Content:

Is there a third-party or additional party that could be used in supporting your case?

Draft a QUOTE from this person,

Final Paragraph Content: Provide any final, more general, background information, website and/or, phone numbers.

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