This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

· CO2 – Analyze appropriate methods of quantitative analysis used for business problems

· CO3 – Solve business problems with appropriate quantitative decision-making models

In this analysis, we will examine queuing theory and apply it to wait times at a business of your choice. You will research a business that has a queuing system that you consider to be ineffective. You can use any type of business, your company that your work for, a business you’re familiar with, or a business that you visit or call frequently.

· Discuss the business and share necessary information.

· Research queuing systems and discuss what type of queue they are using and why it is ineffective. You need to name the queuing type and discuss how it operates. Discuss why it is not working well.

· Make recommendations for a new type of queue based on your research. Discuss why this new queue would be more appropriate for this business.


· Review the discussion and sample problem  Operational Analytics Case Study for Freshers: Call Center Optimization (Links to an external site.)  (Srivastava, 2016)




An APA formatted Word document containing a one-page description of your findings

· APA Requirements

· 1- inch margins

· Times New Roman 12 pt font

· Double-Spaced

· Title Page

· Section Headings

· Reference Page

Also, include a copy of your Excel spreadsheet with each stage of the problem worked.

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