Topic 5 – Pitch Letter Content Template

Completing the template, by answering the questions, will help you organize your information before drafting your letter. When you create your pitch letter draft, it should be approximately 300 words. Your completed draft will be due in Topic 7.

What is the most eye/ear catching information about what is happening?  
Why would viewers/readers care about this event?  
How does this apply to the local community?  
What should the journalist expect to see?  
What should the journalist expect to hear?  
Who are the parties involved? If it’s an event, who will be attending?  
Who will be available for an interview?  
List three interesting or unusual facts that apply to your company, industry, campaign or organization.  
List applicable times, locations and dates.  
Where can viewers/readers go for more information?  
Are there pictures you can provide that give the journalist a better idea about your pitch?  
Who is the contact that they can reach out to on that day?

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