Operations Management


Presentation: Description


Students will work on different scenarios oriented to analyze a company’s production operations from all the aspects discussed in this course.


Your product is Sea products in cans (11,000€)


Manufacturing location:

· Catalunya


Customer to be selected from one of the following destinations:

· Canada


Assume the situation when your company receives an order for the production of sea products in cans from the customer located in Canada who wants to start working with you, so the first order is relatively small. The overall budget for each of the product is given in the original data (mine is 11,000).


You need to prepare a powerpoint presentation including the following



1. Select and explain your location in Catalunya (consider that your products will be shipped from Barcelona (airport, port, highway)

2. Describe the process of production – flowchart

3. Identify the workstations, specify your resources, and draw the corresponded layout.

4. Provide calculations on production ratios: production per day, cycle time, efficiency, direct & indirect costs. Provide the shipping costs separately (explain how you deliver the products to your customer).

5. Explain the PPC process (production planning and control).

6. Specify the quality control.


Additionally, you are becoming a lean organization focusing on sustainable operations as part of your strategy. Explain how you perform it.


Be as creative as possible. Use all necessary tools to make your presentation look great!


Note: There are many competitors on the local market, so making satisfactory operations with your customer could drive you to enter the market easier and faster.

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