I think that art is the way people express their emotions in a picture and not with words,

or just people who don’t know how to express their emotions with words. I think this because

even if there isn’t one word in the picture, there is actually a million of words that the artist is

trying to use. I feel that the purpose of art is to communicate to audiences that won’t listen to

words but can visually see the picture and understand it better. Early forms of art can be seen as

ways of communicating mythology and cultural traditions, and as our cultures grew art

developed into new forms of communication. It can communicate what it feels like to be in a

certain place, what an individual’s personality was like, and certain ideas that challenge what we

think we know about the world.  It is unique and vital as it provides the spark for future ideas,

meaningful expressions, and visual explorations. I think that art is the manifestation of the

collective conscientiousness or what people felt at the time the artwork, song or other artistic

medium was created.

When it comes to art, I look for look for a composition that either reminds me of

something or is similar to something I aspire. I try to look deep into the art piece and figure out

what the message is the artist is sending. Personally something that sticks with me like an image

or something or something that makes me think of something that I cannot seem to get out of my

mind is art. Art is a beautiful means of communication if no words can be developed

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