The strategic planning process is important as it relates to health IT.  Describe how these two concepts interrelate.


· Next, review the following document   2020-2025 Federal Health IT Strategic Plan (Links to an external site.)

· Your organization is beginning its strategic planning process.  From the document above, pick one of the goals listed in the document (Goal 1: Promote Health and Wellness, Goal 2: Enhance the Delivery and Experience of Care, Goal 3: Build a Secure, Data-Driven Ecosystem to Accelerate Research and Innovation, Goal 4: Connect Healthcare with Health Data).

· Consider you work for a large acute care facility of 290 beds.  From the goal you chose, describe 2 strategic goals for your HIM department that you would like to propose as part of the strategic planning process related to IT.

· Don’t just list your 2 goals, provide a brief explanation of why you chose those goals and how it relates to the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan.


· 1-2 double spaced pages

· APA format

· Minimum two resources


Sources that can be used :

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