TOPIC: PR Case Study Part 1: Research and Planning

Assessment Description

This assignment is broken up into two parts, Part A: Company Analysis and Part B: Research and Planning.

In 750-1,000 words, complete both Part A and Part B.

Solid academic writing is expected.

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Choose an organization on which you want to base your public relations case study. Select an organization that you are able to access enough information to complete all the parts of this project. Consider options such as a Fortune 500 company, an organization on the Inc. 5000 list, or a large non-profit organization. Seek instructor approval for your selection.

Write a company analysis. Include the following:

1. A company summary that includes the following: describe the company or organization, what it does, the size of the organization, when were it was founded, and where it is located.

2. A situational analysis or summary that includes the following: observations on the current state of the business and where it is relative to its goals, any other specific observations such as if the business has been in the news recently or if it adopted a new policy or rule that affects customers, and any general observations related to the organization.

3. Identify a problem, opportunity, or goal that you could accomplish or overcome through a PR campaign.

· Describe what you expect for the outcome of your campaign.

· Describe specifically what success looks like for the client, such as 1,000 more social media followers, 300 attendees to the fundraising event, etc.

Include two or more scholarly resources.


Based on the problem, opportunity, or goal that you wish to accomplish or overcome, that you chose in Part A, identify the following research items:

1. What type of research information do you need based on the issue you selected for your plan?

2. How will you use the research results?

3. What research method might you use to get this information?

4. Which specific publics need to be researched, focused on, or addressed? Why?

Include three or more scholarly resources.

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