View the Youtube video below titled “How to Start a Corporation – 5 Easy Steps” –   (approximately 9 minutes).


Based on the information presented in the video, attached a word document


List 2 reasons why corporations are great  (1.25 pt)

List 2 ways to form a corporation (1.25 pt)

List 2 recommended professionals a business should consult with when forming a corporation (1.25 pt)

List 7 words a business cannot include in the corporate name (5 pts)

List 3 other titles Registered Agents are also known as (1.25 pt)

List and explain 4 reasons for holding an organizational meeting (5 pts)

List 4 key areas of information an Articles of Incorporation must include (5 pts)

List the 5 steps process to “Start a Corporation (5 pts)

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