This is part 2 of your evidence-based practice project.

In this assignment, you will refer back to the topic you selected for your evidence-based practice problem from the identified list of topics provided by your course faculty in week 1 and the three articles selected from your week 2 assignment.

For this assignment, you will interpret the three articles selected from your week 2 assignment. First, you must complete a matrix table for your three articles (see template provided below).  Once you complete this matrix table, you will write a paper, including the following information:

· An introduction to the topic from week 2 and created PICOT question (although this information may be similar to what you provided in your week 2 assignment, be sure to paraphrase and not copy/paste directly from that assignment).

· For each of the three articles selected, describe the following:

· Concepts explored in the article/study (This is the “what” of the study.)

· Methods used in the article/study (Describe this in detail; it’s “how” of the study.)

· Participants in the article/study (This is the “who” of the study.)

· Instruments/tools in the student (This is the resources used to collect the data; i.e.; survey, interview, etc. Be sure to include a discussion of reliability and validity, as well.)

· Conclusion/summary of the evidence.

· Be sure to provide the matrix table at the end of your paper as an appendix; failure to include this at the end of the paper or at all will result in point deduction.

Remember to support your ideas with the articles you found. These articles should be less than five (5) years old. They should not be from the Web, but from the library databases, and be sure to use a narrative format.

In addition, you must follow APA guidelines, providing a title page, reference page, appendix, and in-text citations, as well as use level headings to match the assignment criteria listed above.

Please use, at minimum three scholarly references, and your paper should be 4-5 pages, excluding title and reference pages and the matrix table.

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