9.2   – Read the Case Ethics Scandal Toyota attached, then click the link behind the graphic, and in a half-page ( at 1 space between lines) answer the following questions: (1) discuss the conditions that gave rise to unethical business strategies and behavior (2) provide an overview of the costs to the company resulting from the company’s business ethics failure.

Case Ethics Scandal Toyota 2005-15.pdf  .


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Largest Toyota Recall Ever

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· 10 Review Valve Corporation’s company handbook online: . Specifically, focus on Valve’s corporate structure.

Valve has hundreds of employees but no managers or bosses at all. Valve’s gaming success hinges on innovative and completely original experiences like Portal and Half-Life.

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Valve Index – Présentation (

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· 10.1   – Does it seem that Valve’s corporate structure uniquely promotes this type of gaming innovation? Why or why not?.

· 10.2   – How would you characterize Valve’s organizational structure?

· 10.3   – Is it completely unique, or could it be characterized as a multi-divisional, matrix, or functional structure? Explain your answer?

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