Please review the layout and format below. Using the title “Insider Threat and the Abuse of

Privileges” write a 10-page APA paper. Please add 8 additional sources with the 2 below.





Insider Threat and the Abuse of Privileges















Problem Statement

[Write an approximate 250-word description of your topic, explaining the problem you will be researching and what your interest is in it.]

Proposed Methodology

[Write an approximate 250-word description of the methodology and type of data that you will use to evaluate your case

Expected Value of the Research

[Write an approximate 250-word explanation of why you expect your analysis to be valuable to the field of emergency and disaster management.]



Sources: Please add 8 additional evidence base sources with the two below.

Insider Threat from the Department of Homeland Security

CISA: Insider Threat Mitigation

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