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IHP 670 Logic Model Outline Template

Program Title: Pediatric Fertility Preservation Program


Program Goal: To preserve fertility for children who have

survived cancer


Inputs or Resources Activities or Work Products Outcomes
Financial Resources: These include the money or funds needed to carry out the program. It is not easy to get money for a new program, but we will try looking for different grant opportunities in our state.

Human Resources: These include group of individuals involved in the implementation of the program. Program managers are the key human resources in the program. Their roles include designing and planning the program and monitoring its progress (Shaiba & Ali, 2011). Another role of program managers is to resolve issues and initiate suitable corrective measures. Project managers are also responsible for the coordination of activities between different projects while giving maximum attention to project delegation, program implementation, and program strategy. The program team is also a key human resource. The team must possess appropriate skills and knowledge to ensure a successful program implementation. The program team may include physicians, nurses, technicians, and other staff members.


Material Resources: These include machines, equipment, tools, and software needed to carry out the program. They entail both the resources the hospital already owns and those it leases or purchases to implement the program. Most organizations find it challenging to source materials after coming up with a program idea. With enough financial resources, securing these materials will be less challenging for us.

The following activities are essential for the success of the program:

· Setting expectations

· Developing a clearly defined plan

· Documenting tasks, and

· Monitoring the program

These activities will boost the program’s performance and success rates. I think that setting expectations and developing a plan are most critical activities for the success of the program. Often, a program fails because stakeholders, executives, program team, and program managers did not agree on what the program was supposed to achieve. Expectations are a critical and inevitable aspect of program progress (Towndrow et al., 2010). Proper expectation setting is, therefore, important to ensure success. Creating a clear program plan is also important as it guides the team through the implementation phase of the program.

Short-term Outcomes (2 Weeks)

· Seminars or classes on the program

· Participation in the program



Intermediate Outcomes (6 Weeks)

· An increase in the number of children participating in the program.

· High-risk individuals are referred to the program.


Long-term Outcomes (4 Months)

· A reduction in the number of childhood cancer survivors who report fertility issues.

· An increase in the number of childhood cancer survivors who maintain fertility.





Shaiba, A., & Ali, G. A. (2011). Competency and Role Path from Being Project Manager, to Program Manager, to Portfolio Manager (Doctoral dissertation, The British University in Dubai (BUiD)).

Towndrow, P. A., Silver, R. E., & Albright, J. (2010). Setting expectations for educational innovations. Journal of Educational Change11(4), 425-455.

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