In this week’s discussion I’d like you to post your answers to these two questions about surveys and data collection:


1. What do I already know?


2. What more do I want to know?


In addressing these questions feel free to draw upon not just your academic learning from courses like this, but also from what you’ve learned elsewhere (e.g., from the popular press, media, etc.). Keep your answers focused and relevant to the reading assignments and materials we’re discussing this week. Make sure to cite your sources whenever appropriate.



3. What have I learned?


Here, summarize what you’ve taken away from our module. Note, in particular, those instances in which you wanted to know more about something and gained the answers you were seeking, and those instances in which you learned something that was particularly surprising.



Sampling Methods and Bias with Surveys: Crash Course Statistics #10


Controlled Experiments: Crash Course Statistics #9


There are other videos to watch in module 4 that could help with completing the assignment.

Readings and Review – Measure and Collect

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