Design and Create a Presentation about Business Programs

Part 1: Your school is expanding the courses offered in the School of Business, and the department chair has asked you to help promote the program. She informs you that the classes emphasize creative and critical-thinking skills by combining material from the modern business world, liberal arts and sciences, environmental design, and engineering. Graduates possess technical skills that prepare them for success in their careers. Internships at local businesses provide real-work experience.

Use the concepts and techniques presented in this module to prepare a presentation with a minimum of four slides that showcase the School of Business program. Research business programs at local schools for additional information about specific classes, tuition costs, admission requirements, and graduation rates. Select a suitable theme, and include a title slide and bulleted lists.

Review and revise your presentation as needed.

Add your name to the first slide

Note: You need to make several decisions while creating the presentation in this assignment:

  • what theme to use
  • where to place text
  • how to format the text (font, font size, paragraph alignment, bulleted paragraphs, italics, bold, underline, color).
  • What was the rationale behind each of these decisions?
  • When you reviewed the slides, what further revisions did you make and why?
  • Where would you recommend showing this slide show?

When finished submit the presentation in PowerPoint format (not pdf) using the file name


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