Case Study Analyses Assignment Instructions



You must complete 2 Case Study Analyses Assignments. Review files for both Case Study Analysis: Paul and Diane and Case Study Analysis: Roger and Annette. Both describe hypothetical presenting problems with a couple. Using the Case Study Analysis Template, provide a thorough, systematic and holistic summary.



· Length of Assignment – 5 pages

· Excluding title page and reference page

· Devote 2 of your pages to the integration of your selected theoretical model

· Current APA format

· Include 5 scholarly references published within the last five years

· Utilize the Case Study and Analysis Template to write your paper

· Description of how you would approach working with the couple

· The theoretical orientation/model you are using.

· Your analysis/assessment of the case;


Important: Follow the template, Case Study Analysis Template, Headings A through E, to organize and present your paper. All of these sections must be included in your final submission.



Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool

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