My leadership strengths as a leader


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My leadership strengths as a leader

A good leader needs to understand his/her leadership strengths and capitalize on them so that they can overshadow the weakness. Once you understand your leadership strengths, you can complete your leadership duties effectively. According to the test conducted to identify the key leadership strengths, I found consistency, emphatic, confidence, trustworthy, and selfless as my key leadership strengths.

Consistence is one of my leadership strengths. As a good leader, one need to be consistent whether things are going well. Things will not be always going as expected when one is a leader; there are some instances when things are good and a time when things are falling apart (Northouse, 2015). Therefore, I will use this strength to maintain demeanor, whether the situation is good or bad. This characteristic can be a source of motivation for those whom I lead.

The modern problems require modern skills and technologies. As a leader, one need to need to move with time in every aspect. This aspect describes futurists leadership strengths, which is one of my identified strengths. I have always sought to use my skills to find solutions to the problems when faced with different issues, and they have always worked. A leader I will ensure that I move with time. Also, I will always build skills and knowledge that will enable me to tackle problems that might occur in the process.

Discipline in leadership is another important aspect that needs to be examined. Most of the leaders who succeed in their functions as leaders are very disciplined. This aspect enables one to create control over what they are doing in life. One need to be disciplined with time and relationship with other. As a leader, will always have control over my virtues and also defend them when required to. This will earn me respect and trust from those whom I am leading. Also, I will always play a role in ensuring that my constituents observe high standards of discipline.

When one is entrusted with leadership, they are trusted that they will bring change that the constituent requires. They believe that one persona has the right skills, knowledge, and capabilities to achieve the best (Northouse, 2015). The trait is called maximizing skills and one of my skills that I will always employ leader. will always defy the limits posed by resources to achieve the best as a leader. I will fulfill the constituents ’needs will be fulfilled. Also, the working hard to achieve the best in an organization will enable me to motivate and be a role model to juniors.

Confidence is also another key aspect that enables one to do things they seem unachievable. This is the aspect that enable the leaders to respect of the constituents. Self-assurance is the term that describes this leadership trait. As my leadership trait, I will use self-assurance trait to motivate the constituents so that we can work together to achieve the most in every endeavor.

Being a leader involves many things which need a lot of wisdom and knowledge. These assets allow one to understand the people they are leading and find out ways to lead them effectively. It is important for one understand their strength as leaders and use them effectively to counter the weakness. I have identified my strengths and discuss ways I can use to strengthen my leadership.


Northouse, P. G. (2015). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.). SAGE.

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