Social Issue Paper:


Choose a social issue such as: addiction; homelessness; discrimination due to age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious belief, etc.; poverty and its effects; lack of education; crime and its effects/being a victim of crime; immigration; positive or negative aspects of how you were socialized in your family; bullying, divorce; etc.


1. Discuss how it has affected your life or someone very close to you.

2. Answer the following question: What have YOU done to overcome or deal with the problem/issue?

3. Answer this second question: What do you think is are the best ways to reduce, remove, or teach others about this problem at a societal level? To receive full credit, you must come up with at least 3 ways to accomplish this!

4. Answer this third question: What could you do individually to help reduce, remove, or teach others about this problem? You may use one of the responses from #3 above, but be sure you explain how you AS AN INDIVIDUAL could make a difference.


2 pages minimum!

Must start a 1′ margin from the top of your paper

Typed, no fonts larger than 12


Include your name at the top of the essay.


Structuring your paper:


1. The first part of your paper should be an “introduction” to the topic or issue that you will be discussing. As an example:

I have chosen to discuss the issue of addiction because a close friend of mine died recently due to a drug overdose and it has affected how I feel about the problem.  I will share both how I personally overcame the trauma of losing a loved one to addiction, and I will also describe three ways I think that society can help prevent others from dying due to drug addiction.


2. The main portion of the essay– the “body” of the essay– should focus on explaining those points. Make sure you have answered the initial three questions at the top of this page.


3. The last part of the paper should be the “conclusion.” This is the time to wrap up your ideas, thoughts, or proposals for preventing/dealing with the issues. Go back and read your paper and make sure than any point you brought up has been resolved- discussed and deal with.


4. Don’t forget to use spellcheck and to review your essay for grammatical mistakes.


5. Send me a PM through Canvas to ask for assistance! I am also available to talk after class most days.




  Poor [1 pts] Fair [5 pts] Excellent [10 pts]
1. Introduction to Issue

(Minimum 1 paragraph)

Student did not clearly identify the social issue in their introduction of the essay Student identified the social issue, but did not give background information to explain it. Student clearly identified the social issue in their introduction and gave some background information to explain it well.
2. Overcoming/Coping Student failed to discuss how they personally dealt with the issue or problem Student discussed how they dealt with the issue, but did so in little depth. Student discussed in great detail how they dealt with the issue/are dealing with it today.
3. Reduce/Teach to Others– Societal level Student failed to describe how they would teach others about the issue or how society could change to help solve the problem Student described one or two ways to teach others about this issue or reduce the problem. Student identified at least 3 solutions to reduce or teach others about this problem.
4. Personal Action Statement Student failed to describe how they as an individual could do something to make a difference in the world. Student described what they could do personally, but did so in a shallow way Student described in depth a plan by which they as an individual could make a difference in the world.
5. Writing Quality, margins, etc. Student’s paper was poorly written due to grammar and spelling errors and it lacked organization Student’s paper was properly written, but it had some grammar and spelling errors, or it lacked proper organization Student’s paper was properly written using standard grammar rules; paper was very well organized.

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