500 words 2 references

Should teachers be held accountable for their teaching? Defend your answer.


1. Teaching should be guided by clear objectives and outcomes.

2. Students have a right to receive a quality education, whereby professionals are held accountable for their behavior.

3. Accountability will encourage teachers to uphold high standards for instruction.

4. Feedback from accountability evaluation measures will provide teachers with information about their instructional strengths and weaknesses.

5. Accountability will provide standards that are derived through consensual agreement and will offer objective assessment.



1. Many factors influence teaching and learning that have little to do with measurable objectives and outcomes.

2. Educational accountability is a cooperative responsibility of students, teachers, parents, and taxpayers.

3. Teachers can provide instruction but they cannot force students to learn.

4. Mandating accountability will demoralize teachers and reduce their professional status.

5. There will always be disagreement on who is accountable, for what, and by whom.

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