Please view the “Case of Tim” video, The Cognitive Approach – The Case of Tim (CC); PSY-315: The Cognitive Approach – The Case of Tim (CC) – YouTube

After viewing, please answer the following questions:

1. What are the key characteristics of cognitive therapy that distinguish it from other therapy approaches?

2. What is the role of the client/therapist relationship from the cognitive therapist’s point of view?

3. What are some cognitive behavioral techniques used with Tim in his therapy session?

4. If you were to continue working with Tim as his counselor, what specific cognitive behavioral techniques might you use?

5. What goals would you have in mind for Tim?

Please include in your answer some of the following “cognitive” terminology: internal dialogue, irrational beliefs, coping-skills program, stress inoculation, unconditional “shoulds,” absolutistic “musts,” faulty assumptions, automatic thinking, self-evaluating, self-sustaining, schema restructuring, cognitive distortions/errors, autosuggestion, blame, arbitrary inferences, A-B-C theory, Socratic questioning, distortion of reality, disputing irrational beliefs, over generalization, magnification and minimization, polarized thinking, cognitive restructuring.

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