You’ve made it to the final stage of the iShirt campaign proposal! Cherie has asked you to create a set of persuasive voice annotated slides to present to Mr. Cook and the Board of Directors. The presentation will be used to earn approval for the iShirt campaign!

Instructions: Please create a PowerPoint presentation to earn buy-in from senior management. Key elements of the presentation will include:

• PowerPoint deck with eight (8) slides – Slide 1 should be an introduction page, and slides 2-7 will cover each phase, and slide 8 should be a set of concluding thoughts.

• Voice annotate on each slide – Every slide should include voice annotation.

• Refer to the video in Readings and Resources for instructions on adding voice annotations to your PowerPoint.

• Full screen images – Each slide should have an image that fills the page edge-toedge and captures the theme/content. Please limit the superimposed text to no more than eight (8) words per slide.

• Include a full set of supporting notes in the Notes section of each slide. This is where you will support your thoughts and ideas by using specific statistics, data, and supporting information. Requirements:

• Submit your voice annotated slide presentation.

• Eight slides with resources and supporting notes. **Any slide that is not voice-annotated will earn a zero for that slide** **Any slide that does not have supporting notes will earn a zero for that slide**

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