Week 1 Discussion


Describe an ethical dilemma that you have had to deal with at some point in your life.  Preferably choose one that relates to your work, but if you can only think of one outside of work, then describe that.  Do not name any of the parties involved including your employer but provide enough detail that your classmates can understand the dilemma clearly. Be sure to use APA citations to connect your answers to the readings.

· How did you resolve the ethical dilemma?

· Can you recall the reasoning process that you went through in reaching a resolution?

· Did anything you read in this week’s reading change your perspective on the dilemma?

· In looking back, are you satisfied with the decision you made, or might you have come to a different decision if you had different ways of approaching the dilemma?

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Week 2 Discussion



https://www-proquest-com.ezproxy.umgc.edu/news/docview/2333999028/6A9FCFA903A74355PQ Apple and the FBI have two separate incidences where the FBI has asked Apple to break into an iPhone in a terrorist investigation where that phone may contain information that could prevent another terrorist attack.  I have attached a case study that details the incident in 2015 and I have included a link to a New York Times article that details the incident earlier this year.  For purposes of this discussion, you are Tim Cook and you must decide how to respond to the FBI’s latest request.  Falling back on his business studies, Mr. Cook applies utilitarianism to analyze what his decision should be.

· Who are the stakeholders in this and how might they be affect by Apple’s decision?

· What decision benefits the greatest number of these stakeholders?

· Do you agree with the decision that utilitarianism leads you to?  Why or why not?

· Does apply the test in Rights and Duties or Fairness and Justice lead you to a different answer?

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Week 3 Discussion


You work in the sales department of a medium size company that sells 3D printers to manufacturers and universities. You supervise the salespeople who meet face to face with potential customers and close the deal with their organizations.  Sales have been flat lately and there is some concern in the company that things are not working as well as they once did when sales growth was healthy.  One thing you have noticed in the past two years is that the nature of the people making purchasing decisions for potential customers has become more diverse.  In past years, the buyers were primarily middle-aged white men.  Now the buyers are increasingly younger, female, African American and Southeast Asian.  Your own sales force is mostly middle-aged white men who have been the company a long time.

One of your salespeople has just retired leaving a large gap in your department.  He ranked number one in sales for five years running and really kept the department above water.  You requested HR to send you resumes for potential replacements and they have given 3 to choose from.  Candidate 1 is a white middle-aged man who has a stellar sales record selling supplies to similar types of organizations.  After an interview, you are convinced that he could replace your person who retired in terms of revenue.  Candidate 2 is a young man of Southeast Asian descent who is a technical whizbang.  Having worked at several companies that relied heavily on 3D printers, he regaled you with stories of the innovative uses to which he put them.  You think perhaps this might be the new sales angle the department needs.  His sales numbers were respectable but not as high as Candidate 1.  He wants the job to have the opportunity to expand 3D printing applications.   Finally, Candidate 3 is a 30 something African American woman.  She also has a background in IT, having sold computers and office equipment for much of her career.  You ask her how she got into sales in the first place.  She responds that she needed a way to pay for college, so she started selling Tupperware at first, in her neighborhood and then across the city.  She became one of Tupperware’s top salespersons.  From there, she got a job with a large office equipment manufacturer that would only hire her as an administrative assistant.  After much persistence, she got a spot in sales and did well.  Her sales were not as large as Candidate 1 but were growing rapidly.  She stated that 3 D printing was the future and that was where she wanted to be.

All three interviews went well and now you must decide who to hire.

· Explain the advantages and disadvantages of hiring each candidate.

· Do you see any ethical issues in choosing which candidate to hire?

· Which of your ethical tools is best to use to solve this dilemma?

· Who would you ultimately hire and why?

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Week 4 Discussion


You work at a dialysis center where people with impaired kidney function come to use a dialysis machine to clean their blood as would their kidneys if they were working properly.  You are the Facility Administrator in a location of a small chain of dialysis centers founded and run by a group of doctors who treat kidney disease.  You supervise a group of med techs who work with the patients to help them undergo dialysis.  The center is located in a state that has mandated that all healthcare workers be vaccinated against Covid and that covers all of your med techs.  All of them have produced CDC vaccination cards that show they are fully vaccinated.

One of your med techs in particular stands out.  It is Rob Spears who just charms all the patients.  Everyone who comes into the center seems to know him and he is particularly good with the older patients who make up the majority of the center’s customers.  Rob has become very friendly with the center’s Medical Director who is one of the owners of the chain.  Occasionally, they play golf.

One Saturday, while you are grocery shopping, you run into an old friend who used to be a med tech at the center.  She mentions that she attended a party not long ago and saw Rob Spears.  She was going to say hello but stopped to listen to the conversation he was having.  She states that he was bragging about fooling his employer with a fake CDC vaccination card he bought off the internet.  He noted that he would not be forced to be vaccinated by an employer.

You are a little overwhelmed by this information.  Dialysis patients are particularly susceptible to Covid and you are very concerned that an unvaccinated med tech is working so closely with them.  Even so, Rob is popular with the patients, is a great employee otherwise, and has a personal relationship with one of the owners.  No one knows that you are aware of this possible problem.  Should you choose to, you can keep silent, and it is unlikely that anyone will know.  What do you think is the ethical thing to do in this situation and what would you choose to do regardless?

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