Topic: Cross -Culture Communication



In business email format, send an informal, analytical report summarizing and outlining what you have learned on your chosen topic.

Your purpose is

· to inform the audience about the subject matter

· to request the report be accepted


must analyze and synthesize the information found from at least 2 credible sources. 

You will need to attribute your sources, so ensure you record bibliographic information.

3. Compile a 300- to 400-word informal report on your topic and research

This assignment requires you to blend 2 genres together: an email and an informal report. As such, you will need to meet the content and organization requirements of both; e.g.:

· subject line appropriate to the situation, following best practices for email subject lines

· salutation appropriate to an email

· introduction: state the reason for the email, concisely, as well as your speech topic, and how you will discuss it (2–3 main points)

· body: summarize your main points and support in 2–3 short paragraphs, with APA-style in-text citations

· conclusion: request permission to present this information to the class

· closing appropriate to an email

· email signature block

· attached reference list, formatted in APA style

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