The purpose of this assignment is for you to analyze multinational corporations (MNCs) to make employment decisions (i.e., do you really want to work for this organization or corporation based on the information you discover?) and to assess the human resource practices used in international business. This assignment will allow you to apply concepts learned in this unit and enhance your research, analysis, and decision-making skills as an international manager.

First select a global industry that interests you. If you do not have a favorite yet, consider an industry (e.g., communications, banking, broadcasting, entertainment, administration) that you aspire to work in. Once you have selected a global industry, use your preferred internet search engine to select and research an MNC on which to base this assignment. You cannot use Apple as your MNC.

Once you have selected an MNC for which you aspire to work, write an essay based on your research that evaluates the MNC and characterizes why you would want to work there. Your essay must accomplish the following:

· Begin with an introduction that gives a brief overview of the MNC to include its industry, product or services, operating locations, and mission.

· Analyze the political, legal/regulatory, and technological factors that affect the MNC’s human resource management efforts.

· Identify sources that are used to fill organizational management positions.

· Examine an international job listing for this MNC in which you might be interested. Evaluate the selection criteria and discuss how the selection criteria and processes are impacted by culture and the global business environment.

· What culture-specific training or professional development is offered or would be needed for you to be successful in the selected overseas position in this MNC?

· Identify motivational processes and other factors specific to how this MNC operates in a cross-cultural environment that would factor into your decision-making process of wanting to work there.

· Finally, conclude your essay with a summary of how your values, cultural competence, ethics, and understanding of international business best practices aligns with or differs from those of the MNC. Would you choose to work here based on what you have learned in this course about international management?

Your essay must be at least three pages, not counting the title and reference pages. You must use at least three sources to support your essay, one of which may be your textbook. All sources used must have citations and references in APA Style. APA formatting is otherwise not necessary.


Luthans, F., & Doh, J. P. (2021). International management: Culture, strategy, and behavior (11th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.

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