Task: Writing a research-based argument paper

Topic: Social media addiction requires/does not require medical treatment. Write an argumentative essay in which you agree or disagree with this claim.

Instructions: 1. OVERVIEW

This assignment asks you to deliver the outcome of your research in the form of a research- based argument paper. After having engaged in the various steps of the research process, now it is time to present the final product. The goal of this research-based argument paper is to forward the thesis and defend it by developing an articulate and persuasive argument. You will need to apply research and critical thinking skills in order to support your claims, and persuade your reader that you know your subject and can explain and defend your position. The paper should be 750-1000 words long and backed by evidence collected from 2 external sources.


Word count: 750-1000words (abstract, cover page and references are not included in the word count)

– Sources: use 2 reliable sources (you can use the sources you used earlier)


– Sources should be relevant and used appropriately (i.e. they should be used for specific ideas that need support and not for general knowledge/facts that can be found in many sources). – Use different methods for integrating sources (quotation, paraphrase, summary).

– Use APA Style for formatting, citations and references.

3. COMPONENTS OF YOUR RESEARCH PAPER Introduction (1 paragraph)

Your introduction should grab the reader’s attention and explain what the rest of the paper will be about. To get your audience’s attention, use a method of introduction. You should also provide background information on the topic. Background information serves to establish the context of your discussion, explain the nature of the problem at hand, and possibly briefly summarize how the problem has been addressed in previous studies.

To explain what your paper will be about, you must include a thesis statement. The thesis is an essential part of your paper as it will guide you during the write-up – all the information you provide in the following paragraphs will support this thesis statement. A thesis should be a clear and strong formulation of the point you are making. In other words, it should be clear from the start what position you will be arguing for. To be effective, a thesis should not be too vague or too specific, and should also provide an idea of the scope of your paper.

Supporting Paragraphs (4 paragraphs)

Each paragraph in the body of your essay should be devoted to one idea. Some paragraphs will support the point made in your thesis; one will present opposing viewpoint and refutation.

Throughout the development of your argument, you need to offer evidence to support your claims. This evidence should be incorporated using quotations, paraphrases and summaries. Quotations should be used sparingly. In any case, the evidence provided should be properly integrated into your writing. In other words, the significance of the evidence to your writing should be made clear; your audience should understand how it supports your argument.

Counter-argument and refutation paragraph

To make a strong and credible argument, it is essential to consider differing viewpoints. Being able to identify weaknesses about these viewpoints shows how your side of the argument is the strongest one. Therefore, when developing your argument, you should include counterarguments (i.e. a claim that disagrees with the claim presented in your thesis) and refutation (i.e. evidence that disagrees with the counterargument).

Make sure you use transitional words/phrases and sentences, and other devices to add coherence to your writing.

Conclusion (1 paragraph)


The goal of your conclusion is to wrap up your paper and provide a sense of closure to the reader. It should include two elements. On the one hand, conclusions are linked to introductions. You should restate your thesis and synthesize your argument. On the other hand, you should conclude with another method or combination of methods (e.g. final thought, prediction, recommendation, etc.). Conclusions do not include new ideas, but you can discuss the broader implications of your argument.


·  Write your essay on a NEW WORD DOCUMENT

·  Write in full APA style (Cover page, Abstract, Main Body and References)

Follow APA 7 Guidelines.

·  This is an individual assignment. Each student is going to submit the assignment himself/herself.

·  If the essay is written with another essay pattern 20% deduction from the total grade. Cause / effect, compare / contrast, process or some other pattern of development is used instead of argumentation.

·  If the essay is off topic 20 % deduction from the total grade. Student has to write a new version about the prompt given by the instructor after wrong submission e-mail

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