Prevalence and impact of substance abuse among nurses.

Regla C. Morell

West Coast University

NURS 440

Prof. Tara Strawn

May 20th, 2022.



Significance of the Topic

Nursing is a very critical area that affects both the nurses and the patients.

The topic is significant since the nurses are at the forefront in offering care to the patients .

Thus, the topic needs proper attention to look unto the issues that affect the nurses, thereby culminating into the formulation and implementation of ways to mitigate substance abuse among nurses.

Moreover, when nurses are involved in substance abuse, the patients, the nurses and the community at large are affected by this indulgence.

Being the emblem of care, there isa need for nurses to shun the abuse of substances. Additionally, the topic of drug abuse in nursing is as

significant as any other topic since it needs more attention. Notably, the involvement of nurses in substance abuse directly impacts the patients (Finnell et al., 2018). This is seen in wrong administering of presecriptions,


The impact of substance abuse in nursing practice

The abuse of substance abuse among nurses affects the extension of proper care to the patients.

Equally, abuse of substance abuse impacts the performance of nurses negatively as they fail to meet the standards required.

Substance abuse affects the mental faculties of the nurses, as well as their mental health and stability.

In most instances it is the proper care that is highly affected. The conscious reasoning is affected too.

Additionally, nurses drop out od school as a result of substance abuse (Finnell et al., 2018). Thus this leads to the problem of nurse shortages.


Current Relevance of the topic

The prevalence of substance abuse among nurses is high.

Approximately 10% of the nurses have been involved alcoholism, and substance abuse.

The high prevalence in substance abuse among nurses is attributed to their easy accessibility to drugs, which causes them to steal medication at times.

Since many nurses are affected by substance abuse, this topic need much attention. On the same note, there is a need

To look into various remedying strategies for the same. Notably, substance abuse claim nurses’ lives (Finnell et al., 2018). Patients too lose their lives.


Integration of clinical access

Learning about the prevalence of substance abuse among nurses is crucial in creating awareness concerning the effects of substance abuse by nurses.

Moreover, the topic’s integration is important in reaching the nurses who struggle with substance abuse.

In addition, the integration of the topic is important in ensuring the health facilities are maintained and that they are safe.

The topic of substance abuse is integrated in nursing practice as nurses are taught on the dangers of substance abuse.

Awareness is thus created among the nurses (Mumba & Kraemer, 2019). Ostensibly, the ,nurses too have a responsibility to create awareness to

other people including the patients. The patients too need to know the significance of the topic.


Lobbying Plan

Proper implementation of policies by both the nurses, the government, and the private sector can help mitigate the effects of substance abuse among nurses.

Therefore, proper funding from the legislators and the government can help mitigate the prevalence rates.

Women in the nursing industry take lower doses as compared to men. Nevertheless, women are susceptible to addiction, and take longer periods to abstain from substance abuse.

The lobbying plan involves policy implementation against substance abuse by the government. Similarly, by portraying the importance of the topic to the legislators, they would be able to fund programs that reduce substance abuse practice (Mumba, & Kraemer, 2019). Equally, through organization of social programs,

substance abuse can be mitigated. Thus, it only need support from the legislators, the government and the community members.


The legal providence of mandatory reporting is crucial in the control of substance abuse among nurses.

Legislative measures such as Comprehensive Crime Contr

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