Participation in the discussion board is worth up to 10 points per chapter. Students receiving full credit for this category will post and reply to at least once chapter discussion.

Note: The discussion boards are set up so that you will need to post before you can view or reply to other people’s postings.

Chapter 1

Pretend that you are cruising through and you run across the perfect job at the perfect company with the perfect salary, the perfect benefits, and the perfect location. There’s only one problem… the advertisment says that the ideal candidate must have “management potential.” What can you tell them about yourself to prove to them that you have management potential if you have never previously been in a managerial role?


Chapter 2

in the chapter, you were introducing to two main schools of thought in management that seemed to oppose one another. While scientific management put process and efficiency in the forefront, the human relations perspective was about meeting the needs of individual employees.

What are some examples from your own work experience that have demonstrated that your organization was more interested in one of these theories as opposed to the other one?

Chapter 3

What are some upcoming changes in one of the four components of the General Environment (see Sec. 3-2) that will affect businesses in the next 10 years? What are some ways that businesses can adapt to these changes?

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