Part A:

Scan the book of Proverbs and try to locate at least one verse or section which is somehow connected to stress management. Post your discoveries. Explain how this scripture relates to the material covered in the text this week. Limit yourself to no more than an hour on this activity. This should not be stressful! ūüôā 300 words!

Part B: First: Each student should post a link to an article that reflects a concept covered by one of the topics,

Greenberg, J.S. (2021). Comprehensive stress management.

‚óŹ Chapter 5: Intervention ‚óŹ Chapter 6: Life-Situation Interventions: Intrapersonal ‚óŹ Chapter 7: Life-Situation Interventions: Interpersonal ‚óŹ Chapter 9: Spirituality and Stress

Articles do not have to come from academic journals but should come from reliable sources. Your post should include a summary of the article in 500 words!

Part C:

Okay, now I want you to make one change to try to reduce your stress. This is one small

change. Remember, there are a lot of techniques out there because not everything works for

everyone. 300-400 words Here are some examples:

Drink more water, stop drinking soda (I know that one can hurt), go to bed earlier, spend

time alone, take a walk, meditate, pray, or even play. Sitting outside breathing for five

minutes before the kids and life start going. That can change your stress level. One of the



biggest problems people have with stress is that they don’t take time for themselves. You

decide. This does not have to be something big. Also, if you have any questions about your

health with what you are going to do please contact your doctor.

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