20 points R & W paper Checklist


  1_Title page  
  2_2-3 page body  
  3_reference page  
  4_1 in. margin  
  5_double spaced  
  6_running header  
  7_introduction paragraph?  
  8_did you identify the area of the household?  
  9_did you list the chemicals found in the area of the household?  
  10_did you discuss the different types of EPA Classification Codes?  
  11_did you give each chemical type their own paragraph?  
  12_did you assign each chemical one or more EPA Classification Codes?  
  13_ did you discuss why the chemical was assigned its codes?  
  14_did you discuss the purpose of the chemical?  
  15_did you discuss proper disposal methods?  
  16_did you list any possible safe alternatives to the chemical for the same purpose?  
  17_did you include any safety tips?  
  18_did you utilize outside resources?  
  19_transitions between paragraphs?  
  20_conclusion paragraph?

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