MKTG 432, Marketing Research



 Students are to submit relevant documents electronically via Blackboard.

 Report (Word document) must follow the rules of basic writing fundamentals; must contain a title page, page numbers (insert & flush right); typed in a 12-point font Times

New Roman, in 2 line spacing.

 In-text citations and reference sections should follow APA style.

 Title page (as shown below)

Final Project


Student Last and First Name


Department of Marketing, New Jersey City University

MKTG 432: Marketing Research

Dr. Prashanth Ravula

May 1, 2022




For more information on APA Format, students are to visit




Final project details

The dataset (FinalProjectData.sav) contains data related to respondents’ perceptions of the

effectiveness of various types of ads (on 7-point scale; 1 = Not at All Effective; 7 = Very

Effective) and respondents’ gender (1=male and 2=female).

Task Students are to conduct relevant statistical analysis to find if there exist any significant

gender differences for perception of the effectiveness of various types of ads. The results should

be used in developing targeted ads to each group.

Students are highly encouraged to refer learning (material) from this class for successfully

completing the final project.



Final Project




MKTG 432, Marketing Research

Note: Marketing Research Report format is different than the following. Since, students are not

conducting full MR project, several of the sections are not required. Students are just reporting

data analysis and recommendations.


The final (data analysis project) report should contain the following:


Title page


Final Project

Introduction (1 page)

a. Background information

i. Role of advertising in marketing

ii. Role of different types of ads such as informational, humorous etc. that are included in the dataset

b. Managerial decision problem clearly stated

i. Role of targeted ads (e.g., for each gender)

ii. Research question clearly stated


Data analysis (#pages – depending on the analysis)

a. Descriptive statistics

a. For scale variables – report mean and standard deviation

b. For nominal variable – frequency table

b. Hypothesis testing

a. Data analysis information – discuss the statistical tests applied

b. SPSS output

c. Write up – Interpretation


Conclusions (#pages – depending on the analysis)

a. In a para, reiterate managerial problem and research question – why and what you have done in this project

b. Major findings and managerial recommendations


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