Deliverable 6: Smart Goals






Mission: Develop unique wellness program products and services that creates convenience for customers.

Description: The company aims at enhancing efficiency in the way it meets the demands of the market through ensuring the services offered and the products meets the needs of the target market. The company also wishes to stand out in the market through offering unique products and services (Manaughton, 2022).






The success will be measured through increase in sales volume per year.

Accomplishment will be measured by determining whether there is an increase in number of customers.







To improve quality through leveraging technology. Helps in enhancing business efficiency.

This goal will be attained through introducing new technology to improve the quality of service delivery (Grodnitzky, 2018).

To enhance talents, skills, and competence in the organization. Helps in increasing employee productivity and improve organization performance.

This goal will be attained through regular training of members of staff and employees (Smith, 2021).


To maximize customer experience and satisfaction. Helps in creating customer loyalty thus expanding customer base.

This will be measured through conducting market survey and using the data to design and develop products and services (Rivers, 2018).














To create a technology implementation plan and implement technology. Helps in ensuring there is successful use of technology to enhance efficiency (Smith, 2021).


To create a training program and start training the employees on performance, innovation and creativity (Smith, 2021).


To conduct market survey and review the service and product design. Helps in identifying loops in the current level of customer satisfaction (Rivers, 2018).









SMART Goal Setting Worksheet



· What do you want to accomplish?

· Why is this goal important?

· Who is involved?

· What resources are involved?


The main goal of the company is to enhance efficiency through ensuring the needs of the customers are met and the products and services offered meets the preferences of the customers. This goal is important in earning customer loyalty necessary in building the brand’s reputation and in expanding customer base thus boosting sales volume. The employees, management are required in realization of the set goal.


· Are you able to track your progress?

· How will you know when it’s accomplished?



The progress of the company’s efforts towards attainment of the goals can be measured based on the difference in the sales volume. The main measure is determining whether there has been increase in sales volume or increase in customers based on the web traffic. When the company attains at least 10,000 additional customers within the year, the goal will be considered to have been attained after realization of the goal.


· Is achieving this goal realistic?

· Do you have the resources to achieve this goal?

· If not, how will you get them?



Increasing the current number of customers is achievable. This is attained by ensuring the products and services meets the preferences of the target customers.




· Why is this goal important?

· Does it seem worthwhile?

· Is this the right time?

· Does this match specific needs?


Increasing the number of customers is very important in enhancing the growth of the business. The larger the number of customers, the higher the profits realized by the business. Therefore, if the business receives higher profits.


· When will you achieve this goal?


The aim is to attain the goal within 12 months. The accomplishment of the goal is dependent on the attainment of the objectives. The organization will focus at attaining the objectives within 6 months after which then goal will be achieved within 12 months.




Goal/objective Timeline
To improve quality through leveraging technology 12 weeks
To maximize customer experience and satisfaction 10 weeks
To identify the skills available in the organization. 4 weeks
To identify the opportunities in relation to needed skills 2 weeks
To develop skills and competence among the employees 8 weeks















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