Maximum 500 words for the 3 questions

Reference should be included harvard style


Analyse the factors leading to international trade and globalisation and discuss the implications for organisations and their stakeholders.(maximum 500 words )


1. Explain the concepts of absolute and comparative advantage in international trade.


2. Analyse the view that the main cause of globalisation is the increased significance of transnational companies.


3. The UK pound is getting stronger relative to the US dollar. Who benefits and who is disadvantaged?


Explain and evaluate different methods of entering international markets. (maximum 500 words)


4. Identify the advantages and disadvantages for the UK now they have left the EU.


5. Explain the impact of leaving the EU on UK businesses.


6. Evaluate the opportunities available to the UK in global markets.



Analyse the strategies used by international business. (maximum 500 words)


7. Identify the different strategies available to businesses in order to grow globally.


8. Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each of these strategies.

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